Material handling automation systems are designed to improve safety in the workplace; facilitate manual handling where products are heavy; protect expensive or delicate products; provide better production and transport channels and more.

These systems can be controlled remotely and can be used around the clock, thereby increasing production throughput, speed and the load-bearing capacities within manufacturing and transport industries.

In Ireland, several companies specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of manual handling solutions. In order to increase productivity and profitability, many manufacturing, transport and pharmaceutical companies have employed manual handling solutions. In addition to the benefits of throughput and speed, these solutions provide a a safer work environment by protecting employees from injuries associated with repetitive tasks or manual handling and helps the company to better meet government guidelines in this regard.

Some systems which Material handling automation companies put in place include Conveyor belt systems, lifts, robotics, pulley systems, workstations and more. This article looks at some of the Ireland’s leading material handling companies and some of the areas they specialize in and the expertise they have to offer. In this way, you can make an informed decision on what company suits your needs and how they can provide you with a professional service.

NGS Engineering

NGS provides automation and material handling solutions to companies throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe, and the United States.

NGS have a wealth of experience in providing material handling and automation solutions to heavy industry manufacture and ICT assembly. This knowledge coupled with an expertise in conveyor belt system design and installation ensures that NGS are well placed to meet just about any client requirements for material handling. NGS are able to design and tailor-make conveyor systems and workstations to fit any shop floor and have the in-house expertise to advise clients on automation, remote operation, product storage in the manufacturing environment.

In addition to providing material handling solutions to manufacturing and ICT industries, NGS provides sterilization equipment for material handling in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. The sterilization trays (also known as product trays) manufactured by NGS are used for handling products like IV bags, or other medical and pharmaceutical products that are used in laboratories, testing environments or production facilities.

Material handling solutions offered by NGS include tote lifts, carts, labeling and assembly workstations and robotic installation etc. Each solution is especially designed with the product, shop-floor layout and application in mind and always includes ergonomic design principles to ensure the best possible working environment for employees and contractors.

With over 30 years of experience in the automation installation industry and having worked with companies such as Apple, Dell, and Baxter; NGS is one of the Irelands leading manufacturers and is a trusted suppliers of expertly designed material handling automation solutions.

NGS Material Handling Shop Floor Design
NGS Material Handling Integrated Conveyor Workstation
NGS Material Handling Roller Bench

MCR Automation

MCR Automation is a Dublin based material handling company. MCR’s primary focus is on end-of-line packaging, automated storage, and general manual handling. They have worked with brands such as Blueprint Automation, Patton Packaging Lines, Osco System. There pallet and packaging systems include pallet conveyors, elevators, and converters, while some of their packaging systems include cartoning machines and case sealing. This is well suited to smaller packaging companies and those who work on the final stages of packaging and transport of goods.

Their solutions are ideal for the food and beverage industries. Some of their subdivisions include MCR washing, MCR flooring and MCR Security. This company has many bases covered and would be an ideal business option for those starting out or looking for a multi-layered approach to its business solutions.

Maxem engineering

Maxem Engineering provides automated handling solutions to the electronics, aerospace, and medical device manufacturing industries both in Ireland and the UK. Though not a manufacturer of the equipment, Maxem source and evaluate all their products before supplying to their clients. Some of their automation equipment includes robotics, welding, and head laser soldering equipment. This standalone equipment is more suited to small shop floors and those working with particularly delicate equipment and manufacturing protocols. Their range of products includes packaging, inspection, and measurement instruments. Their products are well suited to one-off purchases of specifically required equipment.

NGS Material Handling Tote Lifter
NGS Material Handling Workstation

Linde Material Handling

Linde Material Handling is another expert Irish business who specialize in material handling solutions and more specifically forklift and warehouse equipment and installation. Some of Linde’s key areas of advancement and automation solutions come in the form of smart robotics and automation of storage solutions within a warehouse setting. This helps to increase safety in the warehouses and develop systems which allow for the automation of forklifts and other robotics.

Linde have developed mini-load storage systems, automated Matic trucks and pallet stacking systems. Linde MH also provides training and non-automated manual handling solutions to industries throughout Ireland.

The Dublin based company, has been in business for over 35 years and is one to watch out for in the areas of robotics and the automation of storage systems.

This cross-section of businesses shows that Irish based material handling and automation services cover just about every industry from electronic component assembly to medical components to large scale industrial manufacturing and transport. These Irish based business are at the forefront of the development and installation of automated solutions. They work in the areas of robotics and remote control of equipment; configuring new approaches to traditional methods through integrating manufacturing equipment with electronic software and hardware tools.

The solutions provided by these companies help increase productivity, profitability and product quality. Material handling solutions have the added benefit of increased safety and improved working environment for employees and contractors.

Manufacturing companies that need material handling and automation solutions, do not need to look further than Ireland for the expertise and capability to provide the industry with the best solution possible.

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