NGS height adjustable office furniture is designed with the operator in mind. Every effort is made to configure the desk with ergonomics at the center of the design. The NGS Product range of ergonomic office desks include height adjustment as a core component in the design. All other aspects of the desk can be configured according to the design or functionality needs of the client.

Height stops can be programmed into the desk to ensure that the desk rises or drops to a predefined position. This position is set according to the operator job function. Alternatively, the desk can be configured for continuous height adjustment which is controlled using up and down button on the front of the desk.

The features included in our sit / stand height adjustable desks are tailored to meet the needs of the client in terms of design and features. The desks can be manufactured to match the office design in terms of wood effects, surface finish, color and overall office requirements.

Features can include:

  • Table top surface finish;
  • Built in strip lighting;
  • Monitor arm or arms;
  • Anti-static coating for electronics;
  • Network connection points;
  • Power plug point locations and types (UK, EU and US);
  • Shelves, drawers and linbins;
  • Phone charger sockets (USB);
  • Computer Tower or Printer Holder;
  • etc.

The video shows a desk configured for an electronics industry operation. This desk was designed to include a full set of electrical plug connectors, a built in bin, solder removing arm, linbin racks, blue anti-static surface and a monitor arm. Notice also the tray attached to the under-surface of the desk for the desktop PC. Desks can be tailored to the clients’ particular needs and can be designed and manufactured to sit in with the design of the overall office.


Ergonomic workstations and Desks can be used in most industries where the operators’ function takes place essentially in the same area. Typical applications include:

  • Air traffic control (ATC): Desks designed to include monitors, keyboards and communication equipment;
  • Broadcasting: Ergonomically designed desks for the comfort of the presenter or DJ;
  • Computer technician: Height adjustable desks with incorporated monitors, workstation and printer;
  • Product Assembly: Tailor made desks to include assembly equipment like bar-code scanners, labeling and lifting;
  • Quality Control: Desks incorporating Measurement, bar-coding, data capture and labeling.

In these cases it is important to provide the most ergonomic environment possible for the operators not only for the prevention of repetitive strain injuries but also for the comfort and efficiency of the operator.

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