NGS Automation

NGS Automation

NGS Automation

Automated Production Lines for Manufacturing

Design and development of automated product assembly lines for material handling, assembly and packaging in the manufacturing sector.

Shortened product life cycles, high volume production and increased demand make automated product assembly a fundamental requirement for many manufacturing companies around the world.

The key to any successful automated product assembly line is the design of the production line and consequently, the knowledge and expertise of the designers and engineers is vitally important to the process of developing multi-station assembly lines.

NGS have the in-house expertise and technology to help clients design and develop optimal solutions; turn their automation concepts into reality and realise the value of automated product assembly lines. Our engineers work directly with clients to understand, formulate, engineer and prototype potential solutions according to our clients’ requirements. Once the design and prototypes are agreed, NGS have the capability and resources to develop, install and commission these automated production lines to meet the clients’ unique requirements.

Automated Line

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The primary purpose of conveyor belt or conveyor roller systems is the movement of products and materials in order to increase efficiency in the work environment.

Conveyor systems coupled with material handling systems for lifting, packaging and labelling can lead to significantly improved productivity and time efficiency.

Conveyor systems also can be used for safety where material is moved to and from a hostile environment where employee safety is a major consideration.


Conveyor Systems and Automated lines for product assembly

Material Handling

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In most industrial material handling environments, lifting, pushing and pulling are typical manual actions carried out in the transfer of material from one location to the next during the product assembly process. These actions can lead to injuries to workers and consequent down-time.

Material handling solutions can not only protect workers from any injuries caused by carrying heavy loads but can also prevent product damage during transportation and facilitate easily product transfer.

Effective material handling solutions also can lead to improvements in product quality and the elimination of handling faults.


Material handling and product assembly automated line

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