System Design

With more than 60 years combined experience in engineering design and solution development for manufacture; the NGS engineering team have the know-how and experience to assist clients with their product development requirements whatever the industry.

Computer Aided Design and Design Visualisation
NGS Industrial Hardware Design Expertise

Design Expertise

Engineering design is the process of formulating of a plan in order to help the customer visualise the end product and to assist the engineer to build a product with a specified performance goal. This is sometimes an iterative decision-making process where Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools and prototyping are used to design a product that will meet a stated objective.

NGS use Solidworks 3D CAD to as part of our design and development process to deliver innovative solutions faster.

Our knowledge of material properties ensure that the materials used in the development are matched to the product requirements. Engagement with the client’s project team and engineers at the early stages of the development process often leads to unexpected benefits as we are able to apply our experience from other projects to our clients’ designs.

Design and Modelling Tools

Our design / engineering team’s expertise includes:

We use our knowledge and experience to recommend solutions to our clients.


Design Concept Drawing
Computer Aided Design and Design Visualisation

CAD 3D Modelling

The NGS engineering team use state-of-art design equipment and tools including advanced 3D modelling, CNC programming, floor plan design systems to assist in the design of solutions for our clients. The design models are the starting point for our manufacturing process and the development of your products. These designs form the blueprint to assist our engineers to build a product to our client’s requirements. We also can provide the resources and skills needed to install and maintain the end product.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer solutions to complex problems and consistently meeting our clients most demanding requirements.

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