Instrument Sterilization Trays

Instrument sterilization trays are designed mainly for the medical industry where sterilization of equipment is essential for the health of patients. These trays are designed to hold equipment during the sterilization process. An example could be the trays used to hold surgical instruments for steam sterilization in an autoclave.


Until recently, the advanced technology needed for sterilization was available only in large hospitals. However, due to demand from other industries and manufacturing operations, equipment is now available for use across a wider range of industries.

Surgical Instruments
Basket for Knee Joint Processing


Sterilization processes sometimes need to be mechanized and the movement of equipment into and out of sterilization chamber automated (whether it is a autoclave, radiation chamber or heating chamber). In these instances, the trays used to hold the equipment become central to the operation.

NGS have the facilities to design and manufacture trays and baskets for products or instrument sterilization for any industry or application.

Instrument Sterilization Tray Applications

Typical applications of baskets and trays for sterilization:

  • Orthopedic instrument sterilization
  • Optical instrument sterilization
  • Sterilization trays for dental instruments
  • Laparoscopic instrument trays
  • Perforated Sterilization trays
  • Stainless steel mesh trays
  • Autoclave trays and baskets
  • Surgical instruments sterilization trays
Dipping Baskets for Cleaning or Coating

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