Pharmaceutical Handling Trays

Pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on automation high-volume production. This has led to an escalation in the use of automated, pick-and-place systems which rely on custom designed product handling trays for the pharmaceutical manufacture. Similar requirements exist for medical device manufacture.

NGS works with clients in the Life Sciences industry to design and manufacture multi-use trays for product handling and for automation of manufacturing processes

Stacked Pharmaceutical Product Trays
Pharmaceutical Product Handling Trays


Solutions include aluminium handling trays for product sterilization in the pharmaceutical industry. These trays are moved and inserted into autoclaves using automated (robotic) equipment.

Product handling trays also are used for disinfection, sanitization and pasteurization in the food and beverage industry.

Another area in the medical industry is the manufacture of instrument trays for sterilization (or instrument sterilization trays). These trays can be designed and built specifically for the sterilization application.


Precision Manufacturing

The product handling trays are manufactured according to clients exacting standards with accurate stainless-steel location pins and marking for identification and traceability.

Our design teams work with our clients to ensure that the ensure that the handling trays are customised to work perfectly with the robotic equipment used for operations like filling, inspection and packaging while meeting the strict requirements imposed for medical equipment.

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