Sterilization Baskets

What are Sterilization Baskets?

Sterilization baskets are specially designed containers used to contain medical instruments during the sterilization process. They are typically made of stainless-steel metal or a strong, durable plastic. These baskets feature holes or perforations in the sides and bottom to allow steam or other sterilizing agents like ethylene oxide to circulate and disinfect the instruments contained in the basket.

Where are Sterilization Baskets used?

Sterilization baskets are used in medical and pharmaceutical equipment manufacture and in hospitals, dental offices, and other healthcare settings to ensure that instruments are free of germs and bacteria.


Dipping Baskets for Cleaning or Coating
Basket for Knee Joint Processing

Why are Sterilization Baskets needed?

Sterilization baskets are used in the sterilization process to ensure that instruments and equipment are properly cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized before use in treatments and surgical procedures.

This is a crucial step in preventing the spread of infection and disease. After the instruments and equipment have been used, they are placed in the baskets and taken to the sterilization area. There, the baskets go through a process of cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization. The cleaning and disinfection step removes visible dirt and debris from the instruments, while the sterilization step uses high heat, chemicals, or radiation to kill any remaining bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Once the process is complete, the instruments and equipment are considered sterile and safe to use.

Many different types of sterilization baskets exist based on their intended usage, some are made specially for endoscopes, dental scrapers or other specific instruments and come in various sizes.

The most effective use is ensured by bespoke design of the basket based on the equipment and the application.

Sterilization baskets from NGS

Sterilization baskets themselves are regularly cleaned and maintained to prevent the buildup of contaminants. It is imperative that pharmaceutical companies source high quality sterilization equipment that is made to last – visit our client testimonial page to discover positive feedback regarding our consistent, high-quality custom fabrications that our customers recognize and appreciate.

NGS Engineering fabricates custom sterilization baskets (and many other custom sterilization equipment) for clients all over the world – we welcome the opportunity to discuss any projects that require our bespoke fabrication capabilities!

Stertilization Baskets for Medical

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