Thank you very much for your dedication and contributions to our PAB tray project. This was certainly a very technically challenging project from a fabrication standpoint with tough and stringent requirements. You have done an amazing work for us from concept to design, fabrication and final certification process!

We have completed the project and have a 100% acceptance on all articles you made. This is a record for us and we can’t thank you enough for a job well done. NGS is a first class organization.

Soheil Taghavi

Manager, BBraun USA

When I think of ‘industrial hardware’ I immediately associate this expertise with NGS.

Tim Crowe

Process Engineering Manager, Dell

NGS specialise in Bespoke Industrial Engineering, most companies won’t have that engineering resource in house to do it themselves.

Ken Sheehan

Process Engineer, Dell

I see NGS as Mechanical engineering and mechanical hardware Specialists. 

Dante Besseghini

Engineering & Facilities Manager, Global Healthcare Manufacturer, Canada

Pharma Equipment Company, I link NGS with sterilisation equipment.

Marco Masís Moya

Purchasing Manager, Global Healthcare Manufacturer, Puerto Rico

Leaders at value engineering – Flexible with customisation – Trusted with quality and delivery timelines.

Design to manufacturing advice is great, they give feedback / ‘positive pushback’ on improvements.

They are transparent about price and their costs – They are a one stop shop.

Practical when it comes to project management – They always make sure the client is looked after.

The owners are accessible to speak with which makes the entire process much easier and quicker.

NGS Customer Insights

What Our Customers Say

Some results from a recent, independent telephone survey carried out by Frawley Branding

Strengths – Engineering and Industrial

  • ‘Good at value engineering.’
  • ‘Flexible with customisation.’
  • ‘Trusted with quality and delivery timelines.’
  • ‘Quick turnaround: we know if we get a big order, the guys will pull out the big stops.’
  • ‘Design to manufacturing advice is a great: they give feedback / ‘positive pushback’ on improvements.’
  • ‘They are local, made in Ireland, clients know they’ll get the local support.’
  • ‘They are transparent about price and their costs.’
  • ‘They are a one stop shop.’
  • ‘Practical when it comes to project management.’
  • ‘They always make sure the client is looked after.’
  • ‘Owners are accessible to speak with which makes things quick.’

Differentiators – Engineering and Industrial

  • ‘Innovative solutions: great at adding features/coming with ideas, and getting involved in product design.’
  • ‘Their accumulative engineering knowledge: most companies won’t have that engineering resource in house
    to do it, so it’s that turnkey from concept to installation.’

Strengths – Cleanrooms

  • ‘NGS offered us a single point of contact which made things very straight forward/quick to get an answer.’
  • ‘They had worked for large multinationals which gave us confidence.’
  • ‘Speed of response and they always hit their milestones.’
  • ‘It was important that they were local.’
  • ‘The fact they can show their clients a project in 3D, far ahead of the competition in that respect. I’ve actually
    used their images to sell things.’

Differentiators – Cleanrooms

  • ‘Willingness to take on a complex/bespoke project when others wouldn’t.’
  • ‘Innovative: Whenever there was a problem, they just kept coming up with solutions.’
  • ‘They give you various solution options (Puracore, Kingspan etc.) whereas others give one.’
  • ‘They are very approachable / great people persons: some companies are just too big and too corporate. I get
    the feeling they are a family business.’

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