A Workstation is a dedicated area along, with the associated tools and equipment, that is designed for a particular working environment and function. Workstations are used for efficient manufacture, assembly, measurement or packaging by a single operator. The workstation bench is designed to include all the equipment that the operator needs to complete the task, usually within arms-length. This equipment may include a computer, monitors, keyboard, bar-code scanner, labeling equipment, measurement scale or whatever else is needed for the job.

NGS have completed projects across a broad range of workstation specifications and requirements. Our workstations are custom designed and manufactured to meet the customers particular needs for the working environment or product line. NGS also have the capability to provide all the necessary accessories and the engineering expertise for complete assembly and product support. We understand the importance of ergonomics for operator comfort, health and efficiency and include ergonomics in all our designs.

Workstations for product assembly or labelling can be integrated into conveyor systems for material handling and transport of product.

Workstations designed to clients requirements
Customised work station with integrated conveyors and lifts


Power and network sockets (US, UK or EU) will usually be built into the bench and ergonomic design is an important operator requirement. Other requirements may include

  • various lighting configurations;
  • shelves, storage or linbins;
  • anti-static surfaces or designs to match the office;
  • airflow according to the clients requirements;
  • height adjustment and controllers.

In addition to whatever other features are needed for the product, workflow and operator comfort in the working environment.


Workstations may be integrated into product lines and can be installed at identified points in a conveyor system so that production steps like assembly, packaging or labelling can be completed by the operator in a dedicated environment during the material handling flow.

Workstation for product or container labelling and data recording are ideal for accuracy, repeatability and traceability in the production process. These workstations typically include computer equipment required for accurate labelling for traceability and label printers capable of printing labels for process management or marketing (i.e. color coding, identification, branding).

Measurement workstations can be designed for a laboratory environment. Ergonomic design for optimal operator comfort; integrated measurement facilities and discrete cable management will reduce desktop clutter and provide the operator with an environment that is ideal for accurate work.

Laboratory Workstations for measurement and scanning
Sit-stand Office-Desks Design

Height Adjustable Desks

The modern work environment is such that people spend more and more time sitting at a desk or workstation. This can lead to tiredness or back problems and an overall inefficient work environment. A solution to the long periods of sitting is a desk that can be height adjusted at the touch of a button, thereby allowing the operator to alternate between sitting or standing at the desk.

NGS provides height adjustable desks to clients in Ireland and the UK. These desks allow the programmer, operator or worker to perform his or her work while seated or standing; thereby ensuring more movement and an overall more friendly, healthy and ergonomic working environment.

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